Sunday, 22 June 2014

Brew Our Own Alcohol

We haven’t graduated just yet so we have a few brief weeks to cross off as much as we can on the Bucket List before the student life is truly whipped out from under our feet.

There were a few that we crossed off weeks ago but haven’t been able to post about due to exams, celebrations and most importantly, much deserved holidays!

So we successfully brewed our own alcohol, true DIY style, with some true DIY consequences.
Personally, being renowned for my concoctions of home-brewed vodka flavours, took the lead on this one coming up with the seemingly genius idea to create Percy Pig Vodka.
Percy Pigs, being mine, and almost every other sane person in the world’s weakness seemed like the best tantalising bet. We, of course, too did the conventional skittle vodka to ensure that no disaster struck.
Brewed about a month and a half in advance the liquors were ready to be sampled at the delight of my guests at my end of uni farewell BBQ, which Sarah obviously co-hosted!
All being overly fed and half-cut by time Sarah and I actually remembered about them, the only way to consume them was of course by shots and mutual sipping. The ‘sharing is caring’ motto was largely in place here.

I must say, despite being as always the skittle vodka was successful… Mr Percy Pig, however, was less delightful. Although it wasn’t that bad, it was sooo strong and awfully thick, almost like my favourite childhood medicine calpol! (it may be that we used Smirnoff vodka for the skittles and only had Asda basics vodka for Percys).
But we are students; we drink all sorts of rare mixtures, brews and blends, so needless to say it was consumed without complaints! We also found on later inspection that Percy Vodka wasn’t all that bad with lemonade!
Antics continued throughout the evening with a few emotions running high and my drunken farewell speech at the end of the evening! 
Literally the best friends we could ask for!
Will miss them all!

Spray Champagne After Our Final Exam

We decided that something needed to be done to celebrate our final exam at UWE. What better way to celebrate than with a cheeky bottle of champagne! Well.. Cava actually, I mean come on, we’re students after all…

We all know that morbid feeling you get walking into an exam, waiting in the ECC for your ‘Zone’ to be summoned, waiting for impending doom, but this time for us it was different. Though we had all these feelings as standard, we also had a slight twang of pain (act the fact we were leaving… not the normal pain of your hand about to fall off from over exertion in a 3 hours exam). We realised we’ll probably never sit an exam again, we were graduating. Oh Lord.
So having sat three hours regurgitating information about the Mafia and Gangster Capitalism in America, we wondered the ‘silent’ walk out of the building and found a little patch of grass to act like idiots and spray away.
It was an occasion to mark and I feel Sarah, Abbie and I did it in some form of style. I even rocked my UWE T-shirt I brought as part of the merchandise blog to represent!
Take a look for yourselves…

We filmed it too... I struggled a bit...

Cocktail Night in Clifton

Emma and I have been desperate to go out for a classy cocktail night in Clifton, as it hosts an array of swanky bars and is the part of Bristol that we both want to end up living in.

We started this night at the SU after a last minute decision for me not to drive back to oxford. I called Emma and suggested dinner and drinks at the SU to celebrate me handing in my dissertation (Emma was handing hers in the next morning). I had tempted Emma by telling her that the SU were having a cider festival that day, however much to our disappointment we soon found out that I had got the days mixed up.

As we were now looking forward to a few drinks and were disappointed by the a) lack of cider and b) lack of people, we decided to get a bus to Clifton and start on the cocktails.

SU selfie

Emma suggested one of her favourite cocktail bars called ‘Papajis’, which offer 2 4 1, and have a casual and friendly atmosphere. Judging by the selfies/snapchats that we took at the SU, we were well on our way to being drunk before we even headed into town. At Papajis we ordered two pornstar martinis and my ‘usual’- a mojito. And after drunkenly snapchatting my mum (yes my mum does have snapchat) we headed further into town to meet a few friends.

It seems that whenever we go out for a 'quiet one' on a Wednesday night, we end up staying out till four in the morning. This was no exception, after a few more bars we headed to our favourite on a Wednesday - OMG, where we ended up watching a drag show and being held hostage by a taxi man on the way home.

The snapchat we sent my Mum *facepalm*
In the morning, a sleepy drive over to St Matts at 10am occurred, as Emma had her dissertation binding appointment. After waiting for 15 minutes for the guy to turn up, we soon forgave him as he explained how hung-over he was, having spent the previous night at OMG too.

 Proud Moments: The point these three years have been building up to.
And oh, the sigh of relief!

Emma's dissertation!

Sarah's dissertation!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wear a Onesie to the Library...

Despite the exam pressure forcing Frenchay library to be at full capacity, we finally decided to put on our onesies and make complete and utter fools of ourselves.

Pretty self-explanatory – we thought with the huge hype of onesies and for the need to do something a little bit controversial in the library this is what we settled on! (Despite having already photo copied our body parts in there of course...).

The library makes us sleepy...

Books excite us..

Dragging along our friend Chloe we sheepishly changed into our onesies and took a series of photos to document the event.

The inevitable selfie.

The Risky One:
We had to try and sneak behind the Staff Help Desk
without being caught by the watchful eye of the Security Guards!
 We even braved it to the SU for a cheeky pint... of coke. Driver problems. We also both got a First in our final pieces of coursework for third year! Yet another crossed off!


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Getting Creative on Clifton Suspension Bridge.

If you are a student living in Bristol and have not yet visited Clifton Suspension Bridge, then you are the worst student ever. But don’t fear, it’s fun and free, a student necessity I understand.
Though we have on more than one occasion visited the bridge, Sarah and I have never been together (shocking I know, as we literally live in one another’s pockets…). We decided this most likely being our last trip to the bridge we should do something a little different.

Recruiting two of our friends, Nath and Lloyd, who appreciated the much deserved revision/dissertation break, we decided to be incredibly cheesy and release a balloon each. These, however, were not just any balloons.

To increase the cheesy-ness, we thought it would be incredibly lame, yet relevant, to write on our balloon our favourite memory from each year at University. We won’t fixate on the fact that Sarah rocked up with ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons for us to use...
Sarah and I, being the scatty pair we are, both managed to pop our original balloons. Having deliberated over what to write on our balloons for a good ten minutes we were finally ready to release them. However, they merely plummeted into the road below… perhaps not the most sensible of places to have dropped them!

What we wrote on our balloons:
1.       Getting my job at the UWE Disability Services and meeting Nathan.
2.       Going on the History Society’s Summer Trip to Paris and making some exceptional new friends.
3.       Getting a first in my Dissertation Proposal.
1.       Pound-a-Pint Lock-In.
2.       Paris (Copy-cat).
3.       UWE Women’s Rugby Varsity.

Going around 6pm on a sunny afternoon really provided us with some gorgeous views, in which we of course, took a million selfies.

Having worked up an appetite, the evening was concluded with Sarah and I having a romantic meal for two in the Chippy on white ladies. This was accompanied by an emotional farewell before I headed home to Oxford for Easter… (We shall ignore the fact Sarah too came home to Oxford the next day…).

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Photo-copying our body parts in the library

So, we finally worked up the courage to photo-copy our body parts at Frenchay library, at 8pm on Wednesday evening. Seeing as it was a Wednesday night, we went into the library thinking it would be pretty quiet and that we might go un-noticed in the photo-copying room. But then we remembered that its exam season, and that it wouldn't matter what time we came to the library, it would be busy from now until May...

We nervously made our way to the photo copying room, put the money on our accounts and Emma nominated me to put my head into the machine first. Who knew, that photocopying your face is actually a lot harder than it seems. After realising that this was not going to work, we took some cute hand shots and a few cheeky ones too...
The start of it all...
Failed attempt at a face shot

Second failed attempt at a face shot

Boob shot!

The moment Emma mustered the courage to do the boob shot this guy walked in.
Fortunately he just laughed and commented 'Good Work'.
Cheeky encounter!

The finished results.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Have the Strongest Cider at the Cori Tap

Being a bright-eyed, 18-year-old country girl, in first year the rumours of the ‘Cori Tap’ have always stuck with me. Every year I’d vow to myself to go to the city’s local cider house and try its strongest own brewed cider.

This my friends, was finally the year.
The Coronation Tap, located just down from Clifton Suspension Bridge, sells a variety of ciders to tantalise your taste buds, the Exhibition, exclusive to the ciderhouse can only be purchased in half pints. Disgrace, I hear you say? Well, apparently not, I only had one and a half pints of this strong yet delicious cider and I well and truly felt its effects. Either that, or it was where I had to down the third half due to a coin being tossed into my glass and having to ‘God, save the Queen’.

Sarah and I decided to make a night of it and invited a selection of wonderful people to join us. With the accompaniment of delightful live soulful music to serenade our tipsy antics it was a rather sophisticated third-year night out.

A sophisticated night which, of course, can only end stuffing one of the lads in the car boot and drunken singing Snapchat videos along to Madonna’s Greatest Hits which Sarah so happened to have ‘just lying around’ in her car.


Sarah and I with our much anticipated half pints of the Exhibition.
The highlight of my night was being ridiculed all night after remembering getting with the assistant manager a few months ago in Po Na Na... He was wearing a snapback... backwards...!